SedVi - a powerful command line stream editor inspired by vi

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What is SedVi?

SedVi is a powerful command line stream editor similar to sed but with its script syntax and extended capabilities inspired by vi.


  • 2009-11-06: Initial version of the SedVi website available.
  • 2009-11-05: First reference prototype of SedVi committed.

Download SedVi

SedVi is currently still under development. First a reference prototype version is being developed using Python. The Python prototype version of SedVi will be released once it is feature stable. From that moment an optimized stand-alone version of SedVi will be created using a restricted subset of C++. This will become the main release.

An unstable development version of SedVi can be checked out from the subversion server of SourceForge using the following command:

svn co sedvi

Disclaimer: The development version may not conform to the specifications. Command line and script syntax may still be subject to change. No warranty is provided, whatsoever.

© 2009, Dave van Soest